Portable Butane Gas Stove

Portable Butane Gas Stove with Carrying CaseFEATURES:

    • Portable, Easy to use, reliable for camping or home emergency kit
    • Piezo type electric starter with safety shut off system; No matches or lighters required
  • Comes with black carrying case (Complete with user manual)
  • Heat Output: Up to 9,000 BTU/Hr
  • Uses standard 8 oz butane canisters

Lightweight and extremely portable, this portable butane gas stove delivers all you need for your backcountry expeditions or an emergency backup source for cooking. Powered by up to 9,000 BTU’s, this stove beats many indoor ranges for heat output making for efficient cooking in the most remote locations. Matchless ignition means you don’t have to worry about a way to light it,

With a fully adjustable heat control dial that mimics your home gas stove, this butane stove features a porcelain drip tray for easy clean up outdoors or at home. Compact and lightweight, the stove comes with a handy storage case to protect the hardware while storing or moving it. Powered by a refillable butane reservoir, this portable stove is clean burning for delicious food and minimal environmental impact.

Portable Butane Gas Stove – Our Price: $33.98 CAD

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8 Myland CylindersSet of 8 Butane Cylinders – Our Price: $29.95 CAD

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