Mountain House – Breakfast: #10 Cans

Mountain House® freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight #10 cans. Each cans has a protective enamel coating inside and out (including the lid), for double protection. At least 98% of the residual oxygen has been removed. As a result, Mountain house #10 cans have the longest shelf life available: 25 years!!!

Scrambled eggs with bacon
Mountain House #10 Can: Scrambled Eggs with Bacon – 


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Simple Food Preparation

Mountain House® #10 Cans offers you freeze-dried foods that is easy to prepare by just adding hot water and eat within 10 minutes!!! Best part of all? If a heat source is not available, room temperature or cold water can be used too!!! Because no cooking is needed, these foods require much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen or dehydrated foods.

After Mountain House® #10 Cans have been opened, we strongly recommend using the contents within 1-2 weeks. Using the re-sealable plastic lid in between to obtain best results and taste.

Taste the Difference!

Mountain House® #10 Cans freeze dried foods taste superior to competitive products because they actually start with fresh or frozen foods, then cook and prepare them, and finally freeze-dry them. All the goodnessflavour  and taste are locked in as if you had hand-made them from scratch. Mountain House® #10 Cans taste as close to fresh, frozen, or better, as you can get. Backpackers, for example, consistently rate them #1 year after year as the best tasting foods and easiest to prepare.


Mountain House® #10 Cans are the first choice for outdoor adventurers and are a perfect companion for any family’s emergency preparedness and survival food needs. For over 40 years, Mountain House remains the world’s foremost leader in long term emergency food and survival food storage. Containing a healthy balance of nutrients, Mountain House products are a perfect fit to your family’s emergency survival food needs.

Why Mountain House?

Mountain House meals have since been on many amazing adventures:

  • The North and South poles
  • The tops of towering mountain ranges around the world
  • Even to the moon and back!

Mountain House Freeze Drying Process:

Mountain House Research and Development:

#10 cans

For nearly 50 years, consumers have continued to choose Mountain House as their favourite brand of freeze dried food for on-the-go adventures, emergency preparedness and survival. With just-add-water convenience, easy no-mess cleanup and home-cooked flavours, Mountain house is the best freeze dried survival, camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness food money can buy!