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Culinary Herb

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What’s included?

The Culinary Herb Garden Preparedness Seeds Pack fulfills the missing link in your food storage plan.  Each  #10 Can contains 16 popular culinary herb varieties that will produce enough herbs to spice up your food storage meals in hard times!

These Seeds are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO and are not chemically treated.  Because they are non-hybrid, seeds may be harvested at the end of the growing season and then used for the next year’s planting.

Varieties Included:

Rosemary 150 Seeds
Summer Savory 200 Seeds
Spearmint 400 Seeds
Tarragon, Russian 200 Seeds
Thyme 200 Seeds
Fennel, Florence 200 Seeds
Marjoram, Sweet 300 Seeds
Oregano, Italian 600 Seeds
Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf 300 Seeds
Peppermint 400 Seeds
Basil, Italian Flat Leaf 200 Seeds
Basil, Lemon 200 Seeds
Chives 200 Seeds
Chives, Garlic 200 Seeds
Cilantro, Slow Bolt 300 Seeds
Dill, Bouquet 400 Seeds

16 seed packets sealed in a #10 Can. Plants a large herb garden. Will keep up to 4 years if stored at 21 degrees Celsius (66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and much longer if kept colder. All non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties Harvested seeds can be planted year after year. Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection.

These preparedness seeds are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) plant varieties with a long track record of valuable traits favoured by private growers.

The ability to reproduce and replant seeds after each harvest are an essential part of any private grower’s collection. Using hybridized seeds creates sterile seeds which are weak and contain grossly inferior genetics resulting in poor production. This forces consumers to rely on commercial producers for new seeds.

The Culinary Herb Garden Preparedness Seeds Pack will allow you to grow the same healthy crops, generation after generation, where your seed supply can not only be maintained, but expanded as well. All seeds found in the Preparedness Seed Pack are NON-GMO, which means it contains no genetically modified organism. Enjoy the fruits of your labour as you harvest organically grown fruit and produce in your home.

The easy to follow seed saving guidelines are included in each pack will provide you with the knowledge you need to grow your produce.

In order to protect your seeds for the long term, ensure that they are kept in a cool and dry place. The #10 steel cans of our seed pack are laquer coated and hermetically sealed to provide exactly the needed protection. Also, each seed variety is individually sealed in reclosable mylar bags. These protective measures will help to preserve your seeds for four to five years on a shelf at 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit).


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